The January Challenge

64MiollionArtists – #TheJanuaryChallenge is what it says, a challenge to do something “arty farty” each day in January. As is supposed to be something that can be done in about twenty minutes or so, with things that we all could have around the house….well I’m game 🙂

Today’s was to write something beginning with “I remember….

Boxing Day Bash – Fancy Dress 2009

I remember a time when there were five not four
When three adult children came through my door
A time when fancy dress costumes were strewn on the floor
For Boxing day parties that are no more

Portugal 2019

I remember the Wolf pack re-grouping as four
The holiday in Portugal that made us want more
How the days in the sun and the nights on the shore
Made joyful new memories and God’s love restore……

Our Broken Hearts

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