What’s Occurring?

Good things still ☺

I’ve long thought that we would not be able to appreciate happiness if we didn’t have unhappiness to compare it with and often,in our negative world, we miss the positive. With these thoughts in mind I began to make a note of those happy moments. I used a half-size notelet pad and wrote just one sentence – enough to jog my memory when I look back at them.

After Luke died and in those dark, dark days I remembered my exercise of a couple of years before and dug out the remains of my notelet pad.  No matter how small, I recorded those moments of joy and I can tell you, on some days those moments were miniscule. They reminded me that there were still good things to lift my soul.

Perhaps now the time has come so start the process again. I found what is left of my pad  and my first note of joy is going to be….M’s comment in our telephone call yesterday, which made us laugh, of making up a bed under her work bench in the garage. Cryptic I know but enough to jog my memory when I read it again after we get over this crisis.

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