Can you all clear off NOW πŸ˜‰

There have been some dark days for my family since I last wrote for this blog. In many ways reminiscent of those months before Luke died. Life events for members of the family which, have threatened their existence and personal wellbeing. All of which will not be an easy fix. I worry for them and pray that things will resolve to bring us all a lighter life.

We have been and still are struggling to keep ourselves safe in the aftermath of Luke’s death by suicide and fall into the high risk category of vulnerable people ourselves……I know this now being heavily involved with Suicide Prevention. My brain says daily, “If only I had been more aware, more knowledgeable about poor mental health risk factors.” – Of course pointless self talk of the like that we all need not listen to!

However, going back to keeping ourselves safe. Today is a self care day for all of us and how very differently each of us are spending it. As we live on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds, the men have chosen to hit Brantingham Dale for a much needed convene with nature. My daughter has taken advantage of the Indian summer and gone into the city for an inexpensive treat which I’ll bet will consist of sitting in the sunshine outside of a coffee shop, watching the world go by. (Hopefully she will have picked up my birthday present for next week along the way πŸ˜‰)

Me? Well I’m an only child; the family frequently throw the comment at me as banter when I display a complete inability to understand sibling rivalry. As much as Ì always wanted to be part of a larger family and love it when we are all together, they just don’t know there are times when I think, “Can you ALL clear off now!” I need to be alone sometimes. Well lucky me, today – they have.

So here I am, the sun is shining, it is silent indoors and out and at last I have a chance to regain a little equilibrium. It’s working; there’s nothing better than a bit of self soothing. When the others return, along with the two granchildren, I hope their self soothing with have worked for them too.

Wishing you all a peaceful day.

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